eyeliner makeup


Eye Enhancement  £250
Eye Liner Subtle £300
Eye Liner Thick £350
Includes retouch 6-8 weeks later

Smudge Free Eyeliner
The eyeliner you've always dreamt of... one that does not smudge, wash off or let you down during those emotional moments.
Whether you would like a fully made up, heavier effect or a soft natural line to enhance your eye colour, this treatment offers you the full spectrum of choice. By applying a fine line through the top, bottom or both sets of lashes we will give your eyes the definition they need.
You can choose the colour and if you prefer a heavier make up look for evenings and occasions you can still apply your party look eyeliner over the top.
Lash Enhancement - Our lash enhancement makes your lashes look thicker and darker with a subtle enhancement in between your lash roots

Lips makeup


Lip Line and Blend - £275
Lip Line and Blush - £300
Full Lip Colour -  £350

Lip Line and Blend – A blend of lip liner with some colour blended onto the lips. Not only does this give you a subtle hint of colour into the lip but also re-defines the border of the lip, giving your lips a fuller shape

Lip Line and Blush - Similar to the Lip Line and Blend, this takes the colour all over the lips for a stronger yet subtle look

Full Lip Colour - By slowly implanting pigment all over the lip over three sessions its possible to change the lip colour giving a lipstick effect. All you need is gloss for stunning colour and maximum impact

So what’s not to love, no more lip stick bleeds, eat and drink whilst your lips stay looking perfect, just add gloss and go!

It’s the word on everyone’s lips...

eyebrows makeup


Hair Stroke Brow - £300
Combination Hairstroke and Powder £300
Powder Brow £300
Includes bespoke design and retouch 6-8 weeks later

​Fabulous eyebrows can add instant lift, shape and contour to your face. Correctly shaped eyebrows frame your eyes and create a more youthful and beautiful look. This is achieved without going under the knife! Let’s face it, permanent makeup is nowhere near as drastic as surgery. There are a range of techniques available which offer subtle, realistic solutions, these include:
Hair Stroke - adds individual, ultra precise hair strokes to define and arch the brow, because individual hairs are tattooed onto the skin with ultra-precision, it creates a completely realistic 3D effect, Very natural looking

Powered – almost looks like a mist of colour. Redefine, lift and emphasise your brow with a combination of soft shading and expertly placed hair strokes.With this method, brows can be realistically re-created where they have been over-plucked or lost due to Alopecia

Combination Brows – Using hair strokes and shading creates the ultimately beautiful defined yet natural brows 

As well as offering a make-up solution which does not wash away, smudge or disappear, our semi-permanent eyebrows are perfect for people who have poor eyesight and find applying make-up challenging or have suffered medical conditions resulting in hair loss.
Brow Envy starts now..

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