Hair Stroke - Individual, ultra precise hair strokes are tattooed onto the skin

 with ultra precision. This defines  the brow and creates a completely realistic

3D effect, which is very natural looking.

Ombre Powered – Almost looks like a mist of colour that fades at the beginning. This look is very on trend.

Combination Brows – Using hair strokes and shading this creates the ultimately beautiful defined yet natural brows.

As well as offering a make-up solution which does not wash away, smudge or disappear, our semi-permanent eyebrows are perfect for people who have poor eyesight and find applying make-up challenging or have suffered medical conditions resulting in hair loss.
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Powder brows with hair strokes at the bu
Permanet Lip Makeup
Semi-permanent makeup

Semi Permanent Makeup is a form of tattoo, its also known as Micropigmentation. A pigment is  implanted into the skin using a digital machine and needle. Its implanted at a shallower depth to a standard tattoo and into the layer of skin that exfoliates away. A strong numbing cream is used so the treatment is relatively pain free.



Lip Tattooing

Brow Tattooing

Lip Line and Blend – A blend of lip liner with some colour blended onto the

lips. Not only does this give you a subtle hint of colour into the lip but also

re-defines the border of the lip, giving your lips a fuller shape

Lip Line and Blush - Similar to the Lip Line and Blend, this takes the colour all over the lips for a stronger yet subtle look

Full Lip Colour - By slowly implanting pigment all over the lip over three sessions its possible to change the lip colour giving a lipstick effect. All you need is gloss for stunning colour and maximum impact

Hair Stroke - adds individual, ultra precise hair strokes to define and arch the brow, because individual hairs are tattooed onto the skin with ultra-precision, it creates a completely realistic 3D effect, Very natural looking

Ombre Powered – almost looks like a mist of colour. Redefine, lift and emphasise your brow with a combination of soft shading and expertly placed hair strokes.With this method, brows can be realistically re-created where they have been over-plucked or lost due to Alopecia

Combination Brows – Using hair strokes and shading creates the ultimately beautiful defined yet natural brows 

As well as offering a make-up solution which does not wash away, smudge or disappear..





What is SPMU?

Semi Permanent Makeup is like is says on the tin, it is semi permanent and needs maintenance to keep the colour and shape fresh. This is the same with other semi permanent treatments such as Acrylic Nails, Botox, Fillers, Hair Extensions and Hair Colouring. You should expect to have maintenance 1 session colour boosts around every 12 months. This could be sooner, as little as 6 months depending on your lifestyle and skin type. Over 18 months may require you to have two sessions depending on colour left in your skin.

Beautology has sliding scale prices depending on how long after the last session

Brow retouches 

Under 11 months £100

Under 13 months £125

Under 18 months £150

Under 23  £200

Over 2 years full price 

two sessions may be needed when retouch is over 18 months 


Semi Permanent Makeup is a cosmetic treatment and the healed true results will not be shown   until 4 weeks after the 2nd session. After the first session it is normal for the brows to be patchy and needing adjustments, brow powder can be used until retouch to fill any gaps. 


Don’t take pain killers or fill up on energy drink before your appointment – this can thin the blood slightly or increase your heart rate enough to encourage bleeding. Save the pain killers for  afterwards. 

Don’t have a sun bed 3 weeks before, or 4 weeks after the treatment. We are about to be working on your skin. Any increased sensitivity could cause extra trauma to the skin, and hamper your healing process. Exposure to sun, can also fade out the pigment and you may have to pay for more treatments, so be prepared to avoid them for a while.

Don’t go to the gym. It can take 24 hours for your skin to form a protective layer around your new brows. Going to the gym and sweating into them can cause infection and premature fading of colour, costing you more for a third session.....stay at home and relax 

Don’t wear lash extensions. If you are coming for eyeliner, please remove all lash extensions, party lashes etc, and be prepared to not wear them for the entire time you are healing. The glue, lashes and general pulling sensation these have on your lashes, can cause infection or loss of pigment. You will not be tattooed around the eye area, while wearing any kind of lash extension.

Don’t tint brows immediately before consultation. It would be helpful for me to be able to see your natural brow hair colour. This can help me decide on colour selection, but also advise you of the end result you are likely to get. Last tint would be 2-3 weeks before treatment please. 

Don’t book an appointment if you are pregnant - I will not tattoo anyone that is pregnant under any circumstances. If you are planning on getting pregnant or actively trying, please consider how this will affect your brows. E.g. If you come for your first session, pay, and then cannot return for your top up because you have fallen pregnant, your brows will fade, and you will have to start all over again, in 9 months and go back to paying full price again. 

Don’t go on holiday. We need at least 3 weeks of healing time before you go on holiday. You can fade the colour out a lot – so if you want brows done FOR going on holiday, please allow enough time for healing. 


Get a baby sitter. As harsh as this sounds, we have no choice. Semi Permanent Makeup, falls    under the same rules as tattooing, so there are no under 18’s allowed on the premises while this treatment is taking place. As well as this official rule, I need you to be calm, and able to lye down with no distractions. As a mum myself, I know this is not something you can do with children around. So for these reasons, no small children are allowed. 

Bring reading glasses if you need them. There will be a lot of paperwork involved, and I need you to be able to read what you are signing. Please make sure you bring reading glasses if you need them. 

Bring a friend if you are nervous – feel free to bring someone to hold your hand, as long as they are over 18, I am happy for them to accompany you into the treatment room 

Bring a list of medication you are on. If you are on any medication that may affect you either having a tattoo done, or may affect the healed results, please bring a list of these with you. I will need it for your paperwork, and also to check how each medication could affect your make up treatment. 

If you need to remove contact lenses, bring solution and carry case and glasses for the way home. If you have booked in for eyeliner – this procedure can’t be carried out while wearing lenses. You will be asked to wear glasses for the next week instead of lenses, so please make sure you either remove lenses before hand, or bring solution and case to carry them in, and remember your 



We have also tried to answer some of the most common questions asked, but if you have any more, call me or message me and I will be happy to answer for you:


How long does the appointment last?


Your appointment will be roughly 1hr 30 mins. You will wear some numbing cream for around 30 mins. While that is working you will be filling paper work, and we will be having a chat about your expectations, what you want/don’t want etc. After that, we will spend some time drawing on your new brows, lips etc, and only when we are both happy, will we start the tattooing. 


How long will my brows last?

everyone is different. It depends on your skin type, colour of    pigment put in your skin, any medication you are on, sun exposure, smoking, do you have face peels. Lots of different factors that will be discussed prior to us starting. Typically you can expect it to stay in your skin anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

Does it hurt?


everyone is different. I have had people find it pretty painful, and people fall asleep because it is so relaxing. I don’t know which category you fall into until we start, BUT, I have never had someone that couldn’t get through it – and everyone agrees it is well worth any discomfort. 


I don’t want them too dark


your brows will always appear a lot darker for the first week. Even a colour that heals a light blonde, can appear anything up to a darkish brown while healing. You need to stay calm, and trust me that I have carefully selected a colour that will heal lighter than it appears. When you return for your top up session, we can add a darker colour if you want. I would rather add more than try to take away.


Can I have them removed if i don’t like them?

if you are asking me questions like this, quite simply, you will be sent home! You are not ready for any kind of semi permanent makeup if this is forefront of your mind. It is normal to be nervous, and I will answer all your questions, but if are particularly stressed out or don’t know what you want or don’t want, I will send you away, and let you think about it more. And hopefully see you back in a few months time when you are really ready. 


Can I have my brows done if am pregnant?


Not by me. I will not tattoo pregnant or breastfeeding women. And I would suggest you don’t let anyone else either…


Can I draw on my own brows and you can just tattoo over what I have?

Well, I do get asked this a lot, and my answer is this. If you show up with the most perfect, symmetrical, flattering brow I have ever seen, and I cannot possible improve on it, then sure! I will tattoo what you have drawn. It hasn’t happened yet though, so be prepared for me to suggest some changes that will help enhance your brows even more. 

Do I need to shave my brows off?


Please do not shave your brows before you come. I like you to keep as much hair as possible to help keep your brows looking natural. You can have them waxed or tidied up in preparation if you like (minimum 48 hrs before for waxing) but I will reshape your brows as part of the process, so feel free to come as you are. 


Will I still need to wax or tint my brows after I have had them done?


If you have extremely light hairs, then you may still need to tint them. And the tattooing wont affect hair growth, so if you have bushy brows before, you will still need to groom them. However, a lot of people find it much easier to look after the new brows as you will leave with a perfect brow, and can use this as a  template for future waxing or plucking.

Frequently Asked Questions