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Hair Stroke Brow - £280
Combination Hairstroke and Powder £280
Ombre/Powder Brow £280
Includes bespoke design and retouch 6-8 weeks later

Payment Plan - £30 deposit £150 first session £100 retouch


Hair Stroke - adds individual, ultra precise hair strokes to define and arch the brow, because individual hairs are tattooed onto the skin with ultra-precision, it creates a completely realistic 3D effect, Very natural looking

Ombre Powered – almost looks like a mist of colour. Redefine, lift and emphasise your brow with a combination of soft shading and expertly placed hair strokes.With this method, brows can be realistically re-created where they have been over-plucked or lost due to Alopecia

Combination Brows – Using hair strokes and shading creates the ultimately beautiful defined yet natural brows 

As well as offering a make-up solution which does not wash away, smudge or disappear, our semi-permanent eyebrows are perfect for people who have poor eyesight and find applying make-up challenging or have suffered medical conditions resulting in hair loss.
Brow Envy starts now..

Hair Stroke Brow - £300
Combination Hairstroke and Powder £300
Powder Brow £300
Includes bespoke design and retouch 6-8 weeks later



Lip Line and Blend - £275
Lip Line and Blush - £300
Full Lip Colour -  £350

Lip Line and Blend – A blend of lip liner with some colour blended onto the lips. Not only does this give you a subtle hint of colour into the lip but also re-defines the border of the lip, giving your lips a fuller shape

Lip Line and Blush - Similar to the Lip Line and Blend, this takes the colour all over the lips for a stronger yet subtle look

Full Lip Colour - By slowly implanting pigment all over the lip over three sessions its possible to change the lip colour giving a lipstick effect. All you need is gloss for stunning colour and maximum impact